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DJ TLR - Tokyo Radio Promo (Januari 2004)
A promomix for Shibuya FM, Tokyo. Some La Haya and other easy listening classics.

Jerome Calland - Respect is due (1990-something)
Download (128K MP3)
We got lots of reactions after we uploaded Jerome Calland's "What I do Best" mix. This leads us to believe that in most of you freaks there's a club house sissy dying to break free. Jasper Stoffels from Haarlem even sent us a tape of a show Jerome did on AFM in the early nineties. It suffers a little from typical FM multiband compression, but with Jerome on the decks you know you're in deep shit anyway. Less obvious hits then the other mix, but but heavy on the percussion and with the quasi slique tabloid appeal of a swingers party at Yves Saint Laurent's sweatshop in the upper Andes. In essence, it sucks like Candy Dulfer blows: Sax-o-Phonic baby!

Kassen - Deaf Festival, Poortgebouw Rotterdam 2004 - DJ Set (2002)
Download (MP3) NEW
Let this crazy captain lead you over a stormy sea of fuzzed out madness where layered waves of insectoid signals mumble in the wind, into a strange and silent port where nothing is what it seems.

Jerome Calland - What I do Best (1993)
(128K MP3)

Rummaging through our archives we found a 1993 mixtape of Jerome Calland, resident Dj at Amsterdam's legendary topclub The Roxy from the early to mid 1990's. In this classic mix Jerome gives an on point reflection of the confident and mature party atmosphere in the nation's capital, ranging all the way from Ferry Maat Soul-show Handbag-House and exctasy fueled Proto-trance to toebending New Jack Swing! Here is your chance to relive the twisted vibe of the partying staff-secretary between the hot and sweaty walls of that hedonistic temple!

Legowelt - Euphonic Radio DJ Set (2002)
Download (Real Audio) NEW
Legowelt drives deep in this mix from a few years ago

DJ TLR - Follow Me Ghetto (2002)
Download (128K MP3)
Retrieved from some dusty HD, here's a mysoginist Ghetto House cartape thats been the soundtrack for Bunker roadtrips lately.

Smackos In The Mix (2004)
Download (96K MP3)

Smacktrax live at the 27MC trucker festival Didam, summer 2004

DJ TLR - Falling (2004)
Download (49MB MP3)
Deep and teerjerking slowjams exploring the darker side of the innerself so to speak (although some would just classify it as shameless selfpity)

Brian Chinetti - A Love Affair (2004)
Download (WMA)
Disco funk and oldschool Chi house as played for the 25th anniversary of Snackpaleis "Het Goudhaentje" in Grollo.

Brian Chinetti - Night At The Chinetti Penthouse (2004)
Download (MP3)
Deep disco, freestyle, electro-funk and more Chi-town swang

TLR - Ride With Me (2002)
Download Low Quality (7MB WMA)
Download High Quality
(47MB MP3)
TLR puts on a wig and pretends he's Ralphie Rosario in this cheecky Jack Mix of deep Chicago Acid.

The shady dealings of.... TLR (Live at Disco Sandokan Scheveningen, 2001)
Download (WMA 16,2MB)
A mix-up of the coolest electro-funk, cocadisco and acid from the Den Haag area and other assorted dirty-brown places on the globe.

TLR - Aus der Reihe....II - Streets of Milan (Live Milan, Italy 06-02-2001)
(12,1MB WMA)
Live & uncut. Expect a rough edge, as this was taped on a regular cassette-deck through the PA. A frantic ride across oldschool structures leading into the vast dirty brown desert where the Cocadisco hideout is located. But be carefull, you might get hit by fat chunks of Electronic Funk on the way doooooooooown!

TLR - I found my Place in Outer Space (2002)
Download Low Quality (13MB WMA)
Download High Quality (50MB MP3)
Frustrated Charlie takes off from the Mexican desert, meanders past Jupiter's moons, meets and greets aliens and warlords, gets drunk in seedy spacebars, is star-knighted after winning an intergalactig battle and ends up in a queer but cozy wormhole when a timeloop (curiously shaped like a 2CV) drags him back to Berlin, 1961, shortly before he shoots JFK.

TLR - Aus der Reihe.... The West Coast Electrosound of Holland (September 2000)
Download (12.85Mb WMA)
Encroached in the bowels of the Dirty Brown capital, push that dirty brown needle deep into your dirty brown arms and take a final dirty brown ride down the dirty brown highway before you die a dirty brown death

TLR - Freestylin' at the Funny Farm (Ithaca NY, USA March 2002)
Download (WMA)
Situational awareness abounds as TLR megamixes his way through the sexually charged Ghetto-tech Jacktrax supplied by retired fighter pilot Obin Robinson, on a cold but clear day at the Funny Farm in Ithaca NY, only moments before the Bunker Team shooting spree.

TLR - We Got The Boom (Summer 2001)
Download (7,4MB WMA)
Back to the days of Robocop, Quick sportshoes and brothers shakin' an breakin' on streetcorners to the big boomin' sound of ghettoblastin' wooferburnin' bootyboppin' Miami Bass

TLR - Dance Du Canard (2001)
Download (WMA)
The illustrious Mr Clavio reveals to the world where his lonely heart takes him on dreary afternoons, in a passionate, deep, sleazy disco / electro / jackmix with a melancholic narrative. Unfortunately halfway through Mr Clavio's experimetal bio-tech [tm] hard-disk had the hick-ups, but you have to forgive him for that.

TLR - Live at De Piratenbar (Live PA, 12 oktober 2002)
Download (8,4MB WMA)
Hohoho and a bottle of Rum! Live PA of oldschool electro played for a few dozen sweaty amazons in gymtops on a rainy evening in oktober in a worn out Caraibian bar near the Scheveningen fishmarket. So what's that smell?

TLR - The Basement (Borderline Productions 2002)
Download Low Quality (8,7MB WMA)
Download High Quality (17MB MP3)
The sun is shining so TLR, inspired by one too many slashermovies and intensely frustrated with life in general, descends into his basement for a tete a tete with his demons. Cheap effects galore in this eerie little ambient 'pièce radiophonique'.

Legowelt & Orgue Electronique Live for Club Lek, Vpro radio 30 jan 2001
Download (2.7MB REALAUDIO)

Disco Muffin / Pussy Jazz / Derrick In Nord Korea

Bunker Team - Live @ Batofar/Imprimerie Paris (26/27 Oktober 2001)
Download (6MB REALVIDEO)
An audio/video impression of these parties ft Legowelt / Orgue Electronique / TLR and a frisky dancing Schmerzlabor

TLR - Crème Organization Preview Mix (2001)
Download (WMA)
Mr Clavio blesses you with a sneak preview of the upcoming Crème releases, ranging from slobby disco stompers to introvert moody electro - all with that trademark sliqueness that Crème will be known for in the very near future. Additional: Err is...

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