Detestation CD (Beast Arts 1992, Japan)

Track List: Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter / Death Agonies and Screams / A.B.C. Weapons / Nih Nightmare / Document One / (Tere Their) Syphillitic Vagina's to Pieces / Nuclear Armed Hogs / Anthem // Shoot to Kill [from v/ The Punx Casette] / Aahb (G.I.S.M. stereo split) / Choke (G.I.S.M. stereo split)

Last three tracks hidden in one 45 minute track. Stereo splits are right and left channel respectively from the track G.I.S.M. on The Punx cassette.


Comes in a silver/full color metalised fold-out sleeve with disturbing Adolf Hitler/Porn collages made by Sakevi. It is hard to scan or xerox. Great stuff, that actually deserves the art in artwork.

If you can find this CD (and that's gonna be hard) don't expect to get it under $50