Notes: Comes in a black carton box with silver print, a sticker and 8 page foldout booklet. Artwork Noahiri Ukawa (Mom 'n'dad Productions).
The titles are abbreviations of who wrote the songs. RU = Randy Uchida, RUNS = Randy Uchida and Sakevi Yokoyama, KI = Kiichi Takahashi.

SoniCRIME Therapy seems to be a compilation of various tracks and ideas of G.I.S.M from over the last 10 years. Some stuff is actually familiar from the Gai Individual Social Mean video that camo out in 1995. Also most material sound like its from different eras. Stylistically most tracks are late 80's mosh-metalish with hints of noise. SKV´s trademark growls and an ultranasty production lift this above avarage and there are a lot of dark and weird non-typical intervals in and between tracks. Most interesting piece is the Phenomenal Exile In Schizophrenic Patients, a 20 minute compilation of (white)noise tracks and aural soundscapes. The artwork is once again unbeatable.