G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic (Beast Arts 1987, Japan)

"It's been quite a while since Detestation came out, so when Irecieved this second GISM LP entitled M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic) , I was quite thrilled. But at first listen I realized a change had taken place. Not a bad change, it just takes you by surprise at first. And once you catch your breath, this is perhaps one of the strongest, most unique metal LPs of 1987. Randy's guitar works rings of Iron Maiden riffs and the sound pounds loudly. But when Sakevi's voice eneters the picture, you know this is different. And from the sonic shills running down your spine and the smile on your face, you know this attacks harshly. Intense lyrical structures smash you in the face in this uncommom metal composition. After the first two tracks, "Start to Forget" enters in an industrial vein which is not annoying. Then "Nations Prosperity" charges in the first GISM LP tradition - all the speed and growling drive you mad. This is great! No band does what GISM does or shocks like GISM can. That kind of brillance people call insane."
Pushead in "Puszone" MRR August 1987