Crowd Surfers Must Die,is a 2 cocked galactic monster band from planet'Muffpie'(also known as Holland).The 2 astral-cyborgs that creatad the band (from the remains of the mighty ROTGUT) are 'JUDGE' (doing drums) and 'NOISE- APE'(doing bass/vomit). These 2 galactic outlaws are on a (2CB) crusade to destroy all melody in the universe and to molest eny trendy bullshit bad they have no talent,otherwise you would have seen them on MTV ha,ha,ha....NOT!!!



Co pilot...GG



track list: sacred object/fuck the france goverment/rage against rage against the machine/israhell/hanibal the necro cannibal/gg allin/shake it baby/hence the tittle/splatter & gore/dick dale exploites children/oh how funky/punk is fashion/nazi shitheads are eaten by fucking zombies/r&b/oke le doki/swing your dick/swing your dick#2/legalize drugs/knappe vrouw.

Released by No Fucking Labels NFL#1 1998 (Holland)

3way split tape C.S.M.D./ Noise Migranaaa /Antenna59

track list: spuit sperma in de oogkassen van koningin beatrix/eat your feet/crack your skull like an egg/make noise not worst/teratoma of the testis/stoma oma/amerikkka is dumb/only fucked up people start a war/maggot infested umbilical /death metal dead/drunk irritating punks fuck off/gutfucker/lets go/analy dismembered/corpse full of holes/face off,face on/soreing cockring/king of all monsters/skalp the face of the policeman/nippon noise attack/i read pathological books to mastrubate/scene sucks#2/marijuana makes you sound like c.s.m.d./rot op met je zaktelefoon/bom brieven uit libanon /fuck the haircut people/the abomination/m.i.t.b. rules/stop talking and get to the point/jeroen solo vs han solo/lets dance/outro

Released by MAXI NOISE SENSATION m.n.s.012 1999 (Germany)

Bewustzijnsverruimendmiddel C.S.M.D./Dawidowicz/M.H.N.T.G.B.

track list: attitude/punk is fashion /die inclaus party/voodoo blow dolls/first step into bondage action/war system kills*/being past the point of no return/huh/rebild the planet of the apes/vagina force/van het rijden in een bmw word je een lul/you sufferd/lets dance/ik ben eenorangoetan* /bleusnoiseblurr/drying/rot op met je zaktelefoon/shake your butthole /restricted*/when you think your tough//dildo/ig88 & ev9d9 on 2cb /weak /what happend to scum?.

Released by No Fucking Labels NFL#2 1999 (Holland)

Tape 4
CSMD/Pile of Eggs Split C90
74 grindrock'n'rollshitnoise tunes from the CSMD
Released by Eggscab Records/No Fucking Labels 2000

Tape 5
v/a Ikanes Tec. Comp C60
CSMD/Dolor Caldo/Mastikator/F2RC
CSMD Trax on this one: You feel sloppy in your head/The Battle on Hoth/Waargh/Kraakbeensnippers/NO, we don't want to be in your fucking studio/ Astro Rock Destruction/Outro: CSMD For Life
Released by Rarefazioni Uterine

CSMD / Gerogerigegege Split 7"EP

CSMD tracks on this EP are: BZZZ / You're band reminds me / Your a fuckin freak / Zombie Flesh Cannibal / Fur Cunt / Episch Drama / Decompressie in je Zweetnaad / Stoned / Everybody is a rracist / Aarsworm lovecall / Being Straight Edge (Is fuckin scary) / Godzilla Freaks Out / Rebuild the Planet of the Apes

released in 2001 by No fuckin Labels / Maxinoisesensation

CSMD-Drunken Orgy of Destruction Split EP

Released by NoFucking Labels + Spanky Planky Records 2002

CSMD/Armenia SplitCDR
60 minutes of Anal Onslaught! The Soundtrack for your fistfuck!!!

CSMD - We Want War With The USA!!!
Discography Tape Part 1/AMA Tapes in Miami

If you wanna listen to some bad-ass quality happy space noise, spank your momma with these mp3's

1-Attitude MP3
2-Punk is Fashion MP3
3-Die In Claus Partyhouse MP3
4-Voodoo Blowdolls MP3
5-First step into bondage Action MP3
6-Being Past The Point of No Return MP3
7-Huh?! MP3

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