Suction Records

"We are Suction Records, from Canada. We have been releasing our unique brand of synthesizer pop for purists since 1997. We call it robot music."

Suction Records was founded by like-minded robot music composers Lowfish (Gregory De Rocher) and Solvent (Jason Amm). Originally considered part of North America's first wave of Intelligent Dance Music labels (as pioneered by U.K. labels Warp and Rephlex in the early 1990s), Suction has slowly but surely established itself as an anomaly in the electronic music underground. Suction Records represents a distinct musical and visual aesthetic that is bold yet fuzzy, confrontational yet playful, robot yet human. Record stores aren't sure whether to file Suction in the cold electro bins alongside labels like Ersatz Audio and Viewlexx, or in the warm electronica bins alongside labels like Morr Music and Skam, and that is the way Suction likes it.

Suction Records releases electronic music that is timeless, as opposed to trend-based. In electronica's current climate of digital-complexity and ironic gimmickry, to be Suction is to strive for music that displays genuine musical talent (something that many so many "forward thinking" contemporaries have seemingly lost along the way), and that approaches composition from a classic perspective.

"We enforce high standards for memorable and evocative melodies, and booming robot-tight beats. We judge electronic music based on it's entire history, and maintain perspective: musically, our opinion is that analog synthesis and production still sounds best, and that there is still a lot to be learned from electro-pop music from the early 1980s; visually, our opinion is that photographs look better than computer-generated abstraction, and that Factory Records has better artwork than Warp Records."

Underground electronica is currently witnessing a resurgence in 80s-influenced synth-pop, but while Suction has clearly been at the forefront of synth-pop's return to form, it is by no means a retro label. Acclaimed international DJ and Warp recording artist Andrew Weatherall concedes: "...Suction, always a byword for quality, ransack the past and create a future that sets standards as far as electro's New Wave is concerned. In an Eighties overkill atmosphere these people are part of the elite commando division against which other units should be judged. Message complete."

Suction Records' releases are critically acclaimed and sought after in robot music circles worldwide. Although Suction is best known for releasing Solvent and Lowfish records, Germany's minimal robot-pop maestro Skanfrom has recently been added to the full-time-robot roster. Other artists who have contributed tracks and remixes to Suction are G.D.Luxxe, Perspects, D'Arcangelo, Adult., David Kristian, Pluxus, ISAN, Perspects, Lali Puna, Mat-101, Brioche Kretzaal, and the Lowfish and Solvent collaborative project, Tinfoil Teakettle.

Solvent and Lowfish have also contributed numerous tracks and remixes to a diverse selection of international labels, including Morr Music (Berlin), Ersatz Audio (Detroit), Bad Jazz (London), and City Centre Offices (Manchester).
Suction Records: Fierce electro beats and melodies thick with nostalgia; robot music from Canada.

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