Steve Pointdexter Discography

Steve Poindexter: Short Circuit (Housetime 1989)
Steve Poindexter: Work That Muthfucka (Muzique 1989)
Steve Poindexter: Phase II (Muzique 1990)
Steve Poindexter & K. Smith: N B Battle Track (Saber 1990)
Ricky Smith: Power Move (Chicago Bad Boys 1991)
Steve Poindexter: Chaotic Nation (Chicago Underground 1991)
Steve Poindexter: 190 Octane (Djax 1993)
Steve Poindexter: Whiplash (ACV 1995)
Steve Poindexter: Man At Work (ACV 1995)
Steve Poindexter: USA Remix (Dance Mania 1995)
Steve Poindexter vs. Awex / Tesox: Bodyheat 1995 (Plastic City 1995)
Steve Poindexter: Work This (Trax 1995)
Steve Poindexter vs Mr. James Barth: One Side Each (Trainspotters Nightmare 1997)
Drew Sky: Funky Disco (Outland 1997)
DJ PJ and Steve Poindexter:Trickin Off (Dance Mania 1997)
Chicago Bad Boys: Menergy (Djax 1997)
Steve Poindexter: Demolition Man (Djax 1997)
Steve Poindexter: Rise (Djax 1999)
Steve Poindexter & Kareem Smith : Old Skool (Djax)

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