Schoolly D is without a doubt one of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop and one of the baddest-ass muthafuckas around. Much of his older material has become classic and his influence among the Hip-Hop scene is vast and infinite.

We at Globaldarkness pay tribute to this nigga on the verge of a collapsing millennium and bring you some shit to read and listen to so you can contemplate the true meaning of Schoolly D: The Reservoir Dog, The Original Gangsta, The King of New York!

Peace Out - TLR

Schoolly D - Gangster Boogie: A Street Hit Hip Hop Connection 1994
Last Temptation of Schoolly D
(Interview) 1994
Schoolly D: The Reservoir Dog 1997
Schoolly D - Say It Loud, I Love Rap and I'm Proud 1986
Schoolly D - Original Gangsta Interview by Andrew Emery 1997

LISTEN (real audio):
Schoolly D - Am I Black Enough For You
Schoolly D - Do It Do It
Schoolly D - Gucci Time
Schoolly D - I Dont Like Rock & Roll
Schoolly D - I Know They Wanna Kill Me
Schoolly D - PSK
Schoolly D - Saturday Night

Good Unofficial Schoolly D - Fansite
Schoolly D at Allmusicguide

Schoolly D - Discography

1986 Schoolly D
1987 The Adventures of Schoolly D
1987 Saturday Night
1988 Smoke Some Kill
1991 How a Blackman Feels
1991 Am I Black Enough for You?
1994 Welcome to America
1995 Reservoir Dog
1996 Gangster's Story
2000 Funk 'N Pussy Chord

1995 Jive Collection Series, Vol. 3

1989 Pussy Ain't Nothin
1991 King of New York [Cassette Single]
1991 King of New York [Vinyl Single]
1991 Where'd You Get That Funk From [Vinyl Single]
1991 Where'd You Get That Funk From [Cassette...
1992 Original Gangster [Vinyl Single]
1992 Original Gangster [Cassette Single]
1993 Another Sign [Vinyl Single]
1994 Another Sign [Cassette Single]
1995 Schoolly D Live
1996 PSK (What Does It Mean)
1999 Mr. Big Dick
1999 I Wanna Get Dusted [Vinyl Single]
1999 I Wanna Get Dusted [Cassette Single

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