Playmade (official)

is: a music-label and a design-office
exists: since 2000
releases: 001 jean bach.shootingstar 12" / 002 yuji.general orange 10"
planed: about 4-5 releases/year. vinyl and cd
loves: elektro, techno, experimental, pop, ambient, hip hop
loves more: exciting mixtures of different music styles

available at:
http://homepages.compuserve. de/dhyanarec

own projects: costar 5" on dhyana records in summer 01



claudia eberlein
agnes-bernauer-str. 51
86159 augsburg germany
phone ++49(0)821.313299

playmade (private)

is: a designer, disco-bunny and mother
exists: since 1968
releases: one daughter
planed: building up the label
loves: fun, pleasure and hard work with music and arts
loves more: family (jean bach & juli) and friends
available at: home
own projects: enjoy life

TLR Reviews Februari 2000:

More promos for this lucky boy, this time some more experimental stuff from the South German Augsburg posse. First off, a lot of effort has gone into the packaging, excellent layout and nice orange vinyl for the 10", although the Jean Bach foto is a horrible Eros Ramazotti look-alike on a beach (it was probably supposed to be pretty gruesome).

On to the music. Jean Bach makes some autistic electronica, that is sometimes dark, distorted and minimal, at other times playful, often weird and at other times going nowhere. A record of ideas, and there's definetly some interesting ones. Multiple listining seems required. Some influences: early Music Aus Strom and various mid-80's/early 90's UK electronic acts like Nurse With Wound, or Aphex Twin. Oh and did I mention Scanner and Biosphere? Weirdo music...

Yuyi. Well this is something else. Actually I immediately have to think of a record by Chwichlo on Pleemobil from Belgium that I received earlier (maybe it's the new wave of classically schooled eletronic whizzkids?). Some bio: Yuyi is a 21 year old Japanese wonderboy who cuts up (atonal) orchestration and freak jazz with electro, Japanese percussion, breakcore, Gabber and ambient. Some weird shit, that is sometimes (very) reminiscent of Coil (ca. Hellraiser 10") and Ryuchi Skamoto (ca. Anger/Grief) --- haha, now it really looks like I'm intelligent doesnt it? ---- A lot of tension here and I happen to find it fairly interesting stuff.

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