Hi There....It's time to let you in on a little bit of that OTOTAX wordly shit as we say it (who that be??)...About the music...the creator regenerator or whatever you want to call it

Maybe there is not much to be told about him (him representing this universal meaning about a person be it male or female) for he's a human being like I try to be and maybe you are... But I guess that will leave to many open holes for the ones who need a little more guidance in the get to know you proces so here it comes's about music...but I said it's about a person...maybe you can call it struggling what he's guess is that that would be a mild underestimation of the person that's now being described for you...struggling would be more like walking in the desert no food and stuff...guess you get the point by now...what OTOTAX was doin was more like we all know (or at least should) this is the one thing that get's you to know new things in this live (although it just might be possible to explore the other side...don't know yet)...why did he end up in this freaky atmosphere of sounds...freaky I say..(for me anyway) because of the large variety in not only the sounds itself but also the way of mixin them together (composing I guess..)..anywayz..freaky but maybe mainstream to others the sounds where comin out...slowly evolving...guess it depends on which way you look at it....The person OTOTAX was growing... learning... seeing... feeling... not understanding anyway... what about all those things around him...the key he knew for sure but the more he tried to reach the more it became funny and crazy and stupid and one point it almost looked like he was the only sane one....and then he discovered things...The sounds became deeper...more imaginary..almost like they where calling out to him....they where..he just knew they where....if only he could find the key (maybe the more psychoanalytically trained will see the ball shape forming already..but some more later on this)...I guess some critics could make some remarks bout all kinds off substances which might have added to this some degree you could say the where right...if it shows you more of the inner feelings we so willingly put it aside to get into the routines of grabbing...DO IT...let it fuck you up... Listen to what it brings you..listen to you...(and to the sjitz round here of course)...or take the other road..let the system drive you outtahere and go see that guy who knows it all...I guess anyone who's able to prescibe you with much better drugs I can ever buy for normal able to be of help in this system...

At this point you could say that society has driven him out...I guess it could be turned around to the opposite as easy as that but in a way it's funny that even though we love our kind we have to convine them to dark underground places where they have to find the truth all by themselves...Don't get me wrong anyhow..maybe some people just supposed to be like that....In this case OTOTAX developed well...he felt home even when he was undergrounds doin his thing for once...just a few steps away from day to day reality that didn't look to promising after all...heck he didn't really look like a freak but that never was the can listen to him and maybe understand that freaky part...understand that it's a part of all of us... OK maybe he showed some of the basic could see he would do some of them drugs but hey just trying more than consuming I guess... I know he tried more than I did but that's just his way...evolving through new variables around him...learning everything new..faster and better more and more at the time... It was on this point he started doubting it all..hey we all do once in a while so take it easy on the guy.. Maybe it was just all the ingredients know..doubt..take one cup of users, some talent, one smart guy who knows it all (bout ca$h and sjitz) and I guess you come in strange places... I mean it's easy to know you're good for's far more complex however to look at others and know if it helps them on their journey to the future...Guess one of the troubling factors would be the variation in words we use to express our know like when somebody tells you it's the shit it actually means that it's good...go figure...the same goes for people who say they like stuff (guess most people can fill this in themselves).... Allright allright..the receiver of the message should do some basic translation also..I agree...What it's about anyway is that in these situations you will tend to be a bit feeling used by the people around you...and afraid..maybe when they don't need me anymore terrible things will happen..maybe I can't make it on my own..etc etc etc.. Even the deal he made with a great driving force (Studio X) made him feel a little uncomfortable in that...but what the heck...they still need him and for a damn good reason so no worries...phew..little did he know that by making that step he choose a really nice pad to walk would bring him to places that where good..took him on a journey again...

He decided to let guilt play no important role anymore...this basically came from understanding or whatever word you could use to express the fact that he was not only being used (which he didn't like too much obviously) was in a way normal because to achieve you had to use people...ok maybe it's a bit over the top for the guilty part anyway..maybe when he took a really good look he might just discover it's not about using but more about let's say sharing..or call it helping out when you can...he'd seen what he sees at this point of being...maybe some of the shit would've been easier..but then the variables would've been different also...who know's what other kinda chaos that be evolved's a fragile balance but for some I guess it will be the ultimate challenge...anyway..I dare you...

Dr.Switch (Studio X)

Ototax - Ototax Speax
Ototax - The Warden Speax
Ototax - In Isolation

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