Marley MarlMarley Marl

Real name: Marlon Williams | Born: September 13 1961, Queens NY USA

One of old-school rap's first (and finest) super-producers, Marley Marl organized under his Cold Chillin' Records banner an incredible roster of crucial rappers including his cousin MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Kool G Rap, and Master Ace. His pioneering use of sampling techniques (best heard on 1986's "The Bridge" by MC Shan) was credited with increasing rap's accessibility. Besides his countless outside productions, Marl also recorded two rather inconsistent albums of his own, with backing tracks serving as vehicles for displaying a vast array of guest performers. Marl continued producing into the late '90s (including high-profile LPs by Capone-N-Noreaga, Rakim and Fat Joe) and also hosted a weekly rap radio show in New York.


Artist: Marley Marl featuring MC Shan
Title: Marley Marl Scratch - 12"
Label: NIA - 1985
Producer: Marley Marl

With all the fat production around in 96 using the latest (and most expensive) equipment, itís very easy to forget where it all came from in the beginning: one DJ, two decks, and mad scratching skills. This record takes an old scratch fiend like me back to those days. While he catches much wreck for his fat productions today, Marley proves on this track that he could get live on the cross fade and Technics when he was starting out.

It also highlights the fact that to have a proper understanding of and feel for producing, knowledge of cutting is essential as the link is tight. Not only are the cuts fat, but Shan comes off dope with his "Sucker MCís" style and delivery. Unlike many old school tunes which can sound kinda wack today, this record stands up to the acid test of hip-hop longevity.

Can you bump it loud in the jeep in í96? Of course, if youíve heard this tune, I donít even need to tell you the answer. This is one of those timeless hip-hop jams which will probably still rock us when weíre old and wrinkly. To quote Shan: "The man Marley Marl could bring you to tears/Ainít a new jack, he been down for years." Believe that. Faisal Ahmed

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