Born Louis Jordan in Chicago in 1962, and son of the famous Blues guitarist Bobby Sims, Lil' Louis is one of the pioneers of House scene in Chicago.
Louis learnt to play drums and bass as a child, and during the mid-'70 he started DJing and in 1975 he opened his own Future club in Chicago. During this period Lil' Louis saterted a serie of experiments of tape editing techniques. In 198o he started producing House music and he is told by being the co-author of the House anthem "7 Ways To Jack" along with MARSHALL JEFFERSON.
In 1987 his 'French Kiss' single launched him and he signed to Epic label, releasing his debut album "From the Mind of Lil' Louis" in 1989.

The most notable moment in Louis' career came with French Kiss in 1989, peaking at number 2 in the UK charts, reportedly having been licensed from Diamond Records to ffrr for a figure in the region of £30,000. It was banned by the BBC because of its female ‘vocal’ (heavy breathing) being too near the knuckle. The censorship was not merely a British invention, however. New York DJ Frankie Bones was sacked for playing it at his club night in breach of prior warnings.

Other hits in the piano-house mould followed, notably I Called U But You Weren't There. Again this was no ephemeral dance tune, concerning instead a disastrous relationship with an ex-girlfriend which got so out of hand he was forced to take out a restraining order. His debut album was a surprisingly pleasing and varied selection, with tracks spanning soul and jazz (and including contributions from his father).

Louis was responsible for singing, producing and much of the instrumentation. He returned after a long break in 1992 with The Club Lonely and Saved My Life, having relocated from Chicago to New York, and taken time out to update his keyboard skills and reaquaint himself with the jazz records of his youth.


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