Start of the label: April 1999
Particularity: First Electro Wave Label in France... 100 % INDEPENDENT... and committed.
We like: Cold & "white" electronic sounds.
We hate: A lot of thing ; Opportunists Electro B-boy, Techno suckers, House Fuckers, Hardcore Junkies, Electronica queers, businessmen, politics and demagogic system...a lot of people in this tainted world !...
We are against: Solve it...
We think: My neighbour is not my brother...We are not one unity... We are alone in this fucking earth !
We want: To become the first ultra degenerate and dangerous Body Wave stars.
Bug: integrists
Quality: integrists
References Music: John Carpenter, Kraftwerk, Daniel miller, Front 242, The Cramps, Suicide, Laibach, Nitzer ebb, John Foxx, Anne clark, Depeche Mode, Pierre Bachelet, Raymond Lefevre. References
Movies ( in bulk): Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The Thing, The Night of the living dead, Zombies, Gummo, Seven, Romper Stomper, American History -X, Fight Club...And X- rated movies !
References Writers: Celine, Sartre, Bret Easton Ellis, Houellebecq...
References Art: Warhol, Damien Hirst, Barbara Kruger,Wang Du, Araki, Neville Brody, Steve Mc Kean...


Porn.DarstellerLe Syndicate Electronique

LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE ( Founder of INVASION PLANETE and Body Wave style...committed !!)
IT & MY COMPUTER ( from the Cheap Action league ...Fuck all the cyber asshole !)
PORN.DARSTELLER ( an ex-pornostar...)
KARL KUBLER ( Extrem minimal style )
ROLLINKA ( Woman touch... )


IP001 / Le Syndicat Electronique - Defending Man ep - Sold out
IP002 / Le Syndicat Electronique - Super Science mini lp - Sold out
IP003 / Split mini LP - Karl Kubler / Le Syndicat Electronique
IP004 / It & My Computer mini LP
IP005 / V.A theme" Pornographication " with Porn.Darsteller, C.H.I.C. Agency, Karl Kubler...Sold out
IP006 / Le Syndicat Electronique " The men who killed the beat "
IP007 / Split mini LP -It & My Computer / Porn.Darsteller- COMING SOON !( April )
IP008 / Porn.Darsteller- mini lp " Private "- COMING SOON ! ( May )
IP009 / V.A.theme " Terrorification" with Kitbuilders, Le Syndicat Electronique, Porn.darsteller, Rollinka... COMING SOON ! ( June )


Germany: FORMIC -
Holland: CLONE -

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