Dopplereffekt are one of the strangest and most mysterious units of the contemporary electronic music scene. There are no interviews and hardly any live appearances. Nobody really knows who they are, their releases have so far only been available on limited vinyl on Dataphysix/Detroit. The composers hide behind strange german pseudonyms whereas the songtitles and lyrics are in english and make up a strange mixture of scientific, sexually explicit and political allusions. Dopplereffekt's music is also highly eclectic and unusual. Even if at first sight the forefathers Kraftwerk seem to be more than present Dopplereffekt have developed a very own and highly influential sound aesthetic, without which the current electro-hype seems to be unthinkable. Dopplereffekt also always went an unusual path with their stylish anti-style in cover artwork, which has always been surprisingly and provocantly plain.


Dopplereffekt - Fascist State LP - Dataphysix DX001
1. Cellular phone.
2. technik 1200.
3. scientist.
4. rocket scientist.
5. superior race.
6. satellites.
7. plastiphilia. Dopplereffekt

Cellular Phone 7" - Dataphysix MDX2 Dopplereffekt

Infophysix LP - Dataphysix DX002 Dopplereffekt

Sterilization 12" - Dataphysix DX003 - INTERNATIONAL DJ GIGOLOS (Munich, Germany)


Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk (2x12" + 7" / CD)
EFA 29532-6 / EFA 29532-2
29 October 1999

Tracklist of the do12" + 7":

A1: Cellular Phone
A2: Technic 1200
A3: Scientist
B1: Rocket Scientist
B2: Master Organism
B3: Satellites
B4: Plastiphilia
B5: Plastiphilia 2
C1: Voice Activated
C2: Speak & Spell
C3: Denki No Zuno
D1: Radiometer
D2: Pornoactress
D3: Infophysix
D4: Pornovision
E: Sterilization
F: Sterilization 2


INTUIT SOLAR - Japanese Telecom - Rising Sun (mini-LP) - itu1002lp - November 1999

Text reprinted with permission from pHinnweb

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