DJ Godfather

The rise of DJ Godfather to his current level of success is no mystery to anyone who looks at the history of his career. His constant efforts to improve and build his work have paid off, and he has stepped to the forefront as a key player in his industry. By doing so, he has helped bring the genres of ghettotech and electro to their current prominence in American music culture. His abilities as both DJ and producer have worked hand-in-hand to make him an icon both behind-the-scenes and on the nightclub/party circuit.

Inspired by the work of Detroit's Juan Atkins and Miami's Luke, DJ Godfather has taken the world of ghettotech by storm. As owner of Twilight 76 and Databass Records, he has maintained a strong presence in the ghettotech/electro industry by using these record labels to promote the latest innovations from Detroit artists.

He has over forty (40) personal releases under his belt, and has been featured on the compilations , From Beyond: Interdimensional Transmissions (*67), DJ Westbam (Sony and Lowspirit), and Comin' From Tha D' (Intuit-Solar). His Player Hater's CD was in rotation for over seventeen weeks on WJLB 97.9 in Detroit, and 20-30 of his tracks can be heard on the radio every week on various Detroit Mix Shows.

These statistics testify to his abilities as a producer. He also started a distribution company with Electrofunk/Assault Rifle Records, founded by DJ Assault and Mr. De'. His remixes include tracks by Luke and DJ LAZ. As time goes on, one can expect continued success for DJ Godfather as he expands his variety of projects and explores new musical territory. As he has demonstrated, he has the talent and ability to achieve his goals.

CHECK: Intuit Solar

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