For more than a decade Blake Baxter has been DJing and traveling around the globe. As a producer, Blake has earned the reputation for producing steamy, deep, whispering tracks. As a teenager, Blake started out writing poems and experimenting with rhythm as a drummer. Blake is a Detroit native and has played with a few local groups in the early 80's and at that time he also started DJing. Blake soon became popular as a DJ playing for local promoter, the great Sterling. Blake was one of the first DJs to bring the underground sound to Detroit clubs. He fused alternative, D.O.R with acid house and dance. In 1985, Blake signed with the record label, DJ International, based in Chicago. DJ international released two tracks produced by Blake, one titled (in this house we jack) and the second (work your body). Two years later he produced a four track EP for KMS Records Detroit and at that time Blake was also the resident DJ at the Majestic Theater and club on Friday nights. At the time, it was the best Friday night in Detroit. A few years later Blake left the Majestic Theater and started to DJ in other local clubs and cities. In 1988, through 1989, Blake produced tracks for Incognito Records Detroit, releasing classic tunes like (sexuality) and (fuck you up).

In 1990, Blake released yet another classic four track techno EP on the Underground Resistance label Detroit. Blake was the first artist to release his own EP on the UR label and also the first on KMS. He was the only Detroit artist to sign with DJ international. In 1990, Blake started to tour in Europe as a DJ and live act. Blake has toured with Derek May, Kevin Saunderson and Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins, Joey Belterm and Jeff Mills, just to name a few. In 1991, Blake hooked up with Tresor Records in Berlin, Germany. Tresor released Blake Baxter's first solo album titled (Dream Sequence). Blake has spent years in Europe producing, performing and DJing and will continue to do so in 2003 and beyond.

Blake Baxter: Work Your Body EP (DJ International 1985)
Blake Baxter: Does Not Compute EP (DJ International 1985)
Blake Baxter: Work Your Body Remix EP (DJ International 1987)
Blake Baxter: Does Not Compute Remix EP (DJ International 1987)
Blake Baxter: When We Used To Play (KMS)
Blake Baxter: Mellow Mellow - Sexual Deviant/ I Can't Stop 12"(Music Man)
Blake Baxter: The Underground Lives (Incognito 1990)
Blake Baxter: Hornie EP(Incognito)
Blake Baxter: Crimes Of The Heart (Incognito)
Blake Baxter: Strong to Survive / Fuck You Up (Incognito)
Blake Baxter: When We Used To Play (Incognito)
Blake Baxter: Prince of Techno EP (UR 1991)
Blake Baxter:. Bass Manoeuveurs (ESP 1991)
Blake Baxter: One More Time (Logic 1991)
Blake Baxter: Save Your Rave Channel 1991
Ghetto Bros. Muzik ep (ESP 1991)
Blake Baxter: Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Logic 1992)
Pump Da Bass Blake Baxter: On Da Hard House ep (Serious Grooves)
Blake Baxter: Ghost ep (Pow Wow 1993)
Ghetto Brothers: ep (Outland 1993)
Blake Baxter: Here We Are 1993
Blake Baxter: Love Break (Outland 1993)
Basic Bastard: ep (Outland)
Blake Baxter:The Fault 2x12" (Disco B)
Blake Baxter: The H Factor 2xLP/CD (Disco B)
Blake Baxter: Where is the Love (True People LP React 1996)
Trevor Rockcliffe & Blake Baxter: Visions of You (Ultimatum Tracks1997)
Trevor Rockliffe and Blake Baxter: Work i-T (Sok)

Blake Baxter: Dreamsequence (CD)
Tomi D & Blake Baxter: You Are An Angel 12"
Blake Baxter & Eddie Fowlkes: The Project (CD)
Dream Sequence feat. Blake Baxter: Endless Reflection 2xLP/CD
Blake Baxter: Reach Out 12"
Blake Baxter: Energizer
Blake Baxter: La La Song 12"
Blake Baxter: Sex Tech 12"
various mixed by Blake Baxter: Globus Mix Volume 2 (CD)
Blake Baxter: Disko Tech ep
Blake Baxter: Frequencies ep
Blake Baxter: Dreamsequence 3
Blake Baxter: FM Disko

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