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In a time where the "Big Wille" emcees are the stars and constantly in the limelight, the DJ's are usually being looked over and being pushed back into the shadows. In the history of Hip-Hop, DJ's were the foundation and the main focus of the culture's musical aspect. Now a new generation of DJ's are making an impact and changing the face of Hip-Hop music. These crews of DJ's call themselves, "Turntablists," or individuals that use the turntable as a musical instrument to create and compose a sonic masterpiece. One of these turntable crews is The Beat Junkies.

Hailing form Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Beat Junkies are one of the world's top Turntablist crews. The Beat Junkies were founded in 1992 by the crew's president, J-Rocc. The original members included: Curse, Rhettmatic, Melo-D, Icy Ice, Symphony, & What?! Over the years their roster grew: Shortkut, D-Styles, Havik, & Tommy Gun joined the crew in late 1992. (note: Shortkut and D-Styles were actually Beat Junkies before they became members of the Invisible Skratch Piklz. Each represents both crews with pride.) Babu joined the Junkies by late 1993; the newest member added to the roster is Mr. Choc in early 1996.

This talented group has been making noise within the Hip Hop and music industry for the last 5 years with their incredible scratching and beat juggling abilities along with their love for the music and art form. As individuals or as a crew, they have accomplished many feats that few DJ's have ever reached; winning the prestigious DJ battles like the DMC, the Supermen, & the ITF competitions and going to world tour exhibitions. They have traveled and performed across the U.S.A. as well as Japan, Germany, Amsterdam, and Canada.

These "Green Lantern" ring holders are also known to cover all the areas of work that describes a DJ in the music industry: Battle DJ's, record producers, club and mixwshow DJ's, on-air personalities. tapemasters, and street & club promotions. DJ's worldwide are being motivated and influenced one way or another by The Beat Junkies and every work and exhibition of their turntable skills are sure to leave people in awe...



Beat Junkies

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