Born in Chicago, 1970, Armando is considered the father of Acid House.
Armando drew the main lines of Chicago Acid House, later developed by the ones like JEFF MILLS and PLASTIKMAN, and was owner of two legendary labels: Warehouse, and Muzique.
He was also resident at the legendary Warehouse Chicago club, which gave the name to House music. Some of his unforgetable tracks are " House Music All Night Long", "Land of Confusion", and "World Unknown". Armando Louis Gallop died the 17th of December 1996 of leukemia.


Land Of Confusion (Remix), 12" (Warehouse)
100% of Disin' "U", 12" (Warehouse)
One Love, One Future, 12" (Radikal Fear)
100% Of Disin You Remix, 12" (Warehouse)
Land Of Confusion, 12" (Westbrook)
Overload, 12" (Housetime Records)
We're On The Move, 12" (Warehouse)
100% Of Disin' You Remix, CD5" (Music Man)
I Need U, 12" (Saber Records)
100% Of Disin' U (Remix No. II), 12" (Warehouse)
151 - The Remixes, 12" (Djax-Up-Beats)
100% Of Disin´ You Remix, 2x12" (Music Man)
The New World Order, 12" (Trax)
The New World Order, 2x12" (Trax)
The New World Order Level 3, 12" (Trax)
The New World Order 4, LP (Trax)
Darkside EP, 12" (Radikal Fear)
Radikal Bitch Mixes, CD5" (Radikal Fear)
Radikal Bitch Remixes, 12" (Radikal Fear)
Transaxual - The Brightside Mixes, 12" (Radikal Fear)
Transaxual - The Darkside Mixes, 12" (Radikal Fear)
Transaxual, 12" (Radikal Fear)
One World One Future, CD (Radikal Fear)
One World One Future - Promotional Album Sampler, 12" (Radikal Fear)
Untitled, 10" (Radikal Fear)
One World One Future, 2x12" (Radikal Fear)
The Future, CD5" (Radikal Fear)
One Love, One Future, CD (Radikal Fear)
One World One Future, 3x12" (Radikal Fear)
New World Order 2, 2x12" (Trax)

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