A Number of Names

The Detroit underground party scene became very big in 1980. Electrifying Mojo was a radio personality on WGPR, 107.5 FM that played all the Detroit underground up coming experimental music. Two enigmatic teenagers formed alliance two produce their form of music they were hearing over the airwaves.

Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley make up "A Number of Names." Their track "Shari Vari" was the first Techno track to be released out of Detroit in early 1981. Electrifying Mojo along with Detroit staff writer Jim McFarlin named the group "A Number of Names."

The track "Shari Vari" became an instant hit world wide with the underground music scene. It is still hot even today in clubs such as "ULTRASHALL" in Munich and "The End Club" in London and the "SCSI Loser Bar" in The Hague.

In 1981 the release of "SKITSO (You're my friend)", helped define the newfound underground Detroit party scene. Keith "K1" Tucker of OPTIC NERVE invited "A Number of Names" to perform in his set at the Second Annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

Tucker had recreated the music and Lesley re-did the vocals for an upcoming re-release of "Shari Vari" on PuzzleBox Records. Tucker also gathered some Detroit ELECTRO/TECHNO/BASS artist to do remixes: DJ Godfather, Eddie "FLASHIN" Fowlkes, Sean Deason, ADULT, Mike Grant, STRAND, ECTOMORPH, SCAN-7, Marty Bonds and DJ K1.

After their performance at the Detroit Electronic Festival, A Number of Names has been given the opportunity to perform their classic underground hit in Europe. This will be the first time they will perform live since 1980.

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