Born in Poland in the period of general misery, Pawel Chrzempka found his way in the world under the mysterious and robotic influence of Professor Blot. Soon after that his musical taste developed according to the sound of pre-italo, electro and electronica soundtracks an he was highly influenced by Kraftwerk and the early works on mostly Italian labels. In silence Pawel contiuned the work alongside his master, Professor Blot. The discovery of I-F’s “mixed up in the Hague” was definitely another mile stone in his development. Faced with old disco tracks, chicago house, detroit and modern “west coast electro sound of Holland” electro Pawel redefined himself. Later on he discovered that most of that music was being played on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System. After a period of general worship he stumblled into Legowelt during one of his summer expeditions through the Dirty Brown Sewers. From that point on a lot has changed. He started playing at parties alongside the Bunker Team and he found fulfilment in the Crème Organization label. Nowadays, Pawel throws local Elektric Disco parties in The Hague and continues to be a resident at Crème / Bunker parties in Holland. He is also working hard on reviving the scene in Poland. The Crème Organization Showcase at FEMEV festival in Plock, Poland (2005) serves as an example.

~~The benevolent Professor Blot




Hey, we're Pi & Sigma from the Math Planet!


And why the f@*k are we here??? F@*king Blot again!

Yo Sigma, where can we hear him?

25-11-05 with Legowelt, TLR, Orgue Electronique & Bangkok Impact @ Le Zoo, Geneva, Switzerland
@ Dystopia, Den Haag
29-10-05 with TLR, Cosmic Force, Zero One @ Quichotte, Utrecht, NL
with Legowelt @ Club Metro, Bialystok, Poland
21-10-05 with Legowelt and Fotoplastikon @ Club 1955, Warsaw, Poland
24-09-05 @ Kink FM
17-09-05 with Tako, Funknoir, Loud-E, Kafka and San Proper @ Bootleg Dj Café, Rotterdam
10-09-05 LVC Leiden with Bangkok Impact, Smackos, Brian Chinetti, TLR
Electric Fusion, Arnhem with a bunch of dudes
Sugarfactory, Amsterdam with Orgue Electronique, Cosmic Force, TLR
Dystopia Den Haag Global Darkness Party
Crème Organization Show Case with Legowelt, Bangkok Impact, TLR @ Plock 2005 Electronic Music Festival, Plock, Poland
23-07-05 Zanzibar, Jaworzno, Poland
Crème Room with Luke Eargoggle, Legowelt, Bangkok Impact, Orgue Electronique, TLR @ Stubnitz (Boat) in Rotterdam
03-06-05 Acid Special with TLR @ LVC, Leiden
21-05-05 Elektric Disco 2 with TLR @ Paard van Troje Café, The Hague
07-05-05 InterZone / Bunker Labelnight: Holland vs. Finland with Orgue Electronique, Legowelt, 8 Bit Rockers, Bangkok Impact, TLR @ Theater Kikker, Utrecht
16-04-05 Elektric Disco with Loud-E @ Paard van Troje Café, The Hague
Crème Organization / Dystopia Benefit with Kassen, Rude 66, Sendex, TLR, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique @ Dystopia, The Hague
26-03-05 with Kafka, Legowelt @ MezzoForte Club, Szczecin, Poland
21-01-05 When I Sold My Soul To The Machine – premiere with Loud-E, Matzo & Pauli, Intergalactic Gary, I-F, Schmerzlabor @ Paard van Troje/Paard van Troje Café, The Hague
18-12-04 Global Darkness / Creme Organization Show Case with Luke Eargoggle, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, Kassen, Schmerzlabor, TLR @ De Garage – Zuidwal, The Hague
10-12-04 with Kafka @ Paard van Troje Café, The Hague
05-09-04 5hr set @ Paard van Troje Café, The Hague
03-12-04 Prosecco with Dima, Dajo Bo Disco @ Upstairs INEZ, Amsterdam
14-08-04 Lies on the Beach with Kafka, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, Intergalactic Gary @ Club Naturel, Scheveningen
30-04-04 Koninginnedag with Kafka, somewhere in The Hague