G.I.S.M - God In The Schizoid Mind

sakeviEver since we first encountered "Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter" on the P.e.a.c.e album, we have been haunted by a mild obsession for the strange and violent madness this Japanese uber-cult band represents.
In the pre-internet days it was virtually impossible to find any information about the band outside of Japan, which was then an impenetrable fortress for us monkey-like Gaijin. Cryptic and scarce references in Maximum Rock and Roll were all we could go by. Those few lines and the urge to at least hear their music were all we had back then, writing letters back and forth, trading Xth generation casette tapes and swapping powdery 80's xeroxes.
Now, several years and several trips to Japan later, we rest our bloated middle aged corpses in front of the PC and dedicate our emptiness to filling your void. The internet makes it amazingly easy to provide all the info we scraped together to all you lazy-ass post nuclear computer kids. Be thankful.
Many are the rumours and gossip we could share with you but we wont. For us G.I.S.M. still represent elusiveness, mystery and the lure of danger. The boundary between music and actual threat is often blurry and on an exploration too deep into the heart of darkness you may very well find yourself looking into the abyss (and other cliches). If you want to pursue these shaky notions any further we suggest you do it on your own. (Yours truly 1999)

Some after thoughts...
Went through this site a little bit, and realized some parts are a bit dated. There seems to be a hyper inflation of all things hardcore going on these days with copies of Detestation fetching as much as $270 on e-bay recently. Even while it's has never been cheap or easy to find (already going for about $80/$100 in the late 80's/ early 90's) this comes as somewhat of a surprise. Brings back memories of hanging out in Tokyo with a bunch of punx, dead drunk, ripping the needle off Detestation and throwing it on the floor only to cranck up Systematic Death. Punk-f*cking rock if you ask me. Anyway, working on an overhaul. I'm just sayin'.

In memory of Randy Uchida


(forever under expansion / updated june-08)

Official Releases
Live Demo 1982 (9 Tracks, Tape, 1982, Japan - Unconfirmed)
Detestation 12" (Dogma 1984, Japan
Millitary Affairs Neurotic (or M.A.N.) LP (Beast Arts 1987, Japan) (Updated)
Detestation CD (Beast Arts 1992, Japan)
Gai Individual Social Mean - Subj & Egos, chopped Video (Beast Arts 1995, Japan)
SoniCRIME Therapy (Beast Arts 2001, Japan)
G.I.S.M. Indivisual - +R Regicide Reverberation 2x video (Beast Arts 2003, Japan)

Official Compilation appearances
v/ Outsider LP (City Rocker 1982, Japan)
v/ Great Punk Hits LP (Rebel Street II) (Japan Record 1983, Japan)
v/ Hardcore Unlawful Assembly LP (AA Records 1984, Japan)
v/ The Punx Cassette (?/1984, Japan)
v/ P.E.A.C.E. 2LP (R Radical 1984, US) (NEW)

Official Related Releases
Geotropism (1984?, Japan, Video feat. Sakevi)
Sakevi & Jojo - Mammalia LP (Rest 19??, Japan) (NEW)
Hijokaidan - Viva Angel LP (Alchemy ARLP - 004 - recorded Sept 84) (NEW)
P.O.W.(Punk On Wave) Vol.1 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan (NEW)
P.O.W.(Punk On Wave) Vol.2 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan (NEW)
P.O.W.(Performance Of War) Vol.3 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan (NEW)
Kikeiji (feat. Hiroshima (Dr)) - Hello GoodBye 7" (Ducasse Label 1985)
Renkinjutsu (Alchemy Noise Omnibus) - LP (ARLP-009) (Alchemy, 1985, Japan) (NEW)
R.U.G. 7" (Randy Uchida Group feat. Hiroshima) - (Dogma records #3- 19??) (Updated)
Mass Suicide Tape (w/ Sakevi on vocals - ?? - 19??)
Front Guerilla - Fight Back 7" (Waterland, 1986, Japan. feat. Cloudy)
v/a- RAD CD (w/ S-K-V (aka Sakevi) track BMG records 1993)
S.K.V. - The War CDs (Beast Arts July 2004)
World Burns To Death - Totalitarian Sodomy LP (2006, SKV Sleev Design) (NEW)

SKV Tshirt design

Anarchy Violence 7" (Japanese Leather 1991, Germany)
Victorious Picture 7" (Japanese Leather 1993, Germany) (Updated)
Viva Angel 7" + Casette Box set (Japanese Leather 1991, Germany)
Death Exclamations LP (No Label 1991, Germany)
Gism CD (a.k.a Nih Nightmare) (JPC 001 1995, USA)
Human Condition LP (Absolute Power 1995, GER?) (Updated)
Gism CD (a/k/a Performance of War) (Performance Corps 1998, USA?)
Gism/Comes Split LP (? 1999, USA)
Detestation + Comp Bootleg LP (Gomad 2000, ?)
Gism/Sic - Split Live 7" (?? 2000, ?)
Anarchy Violence 7" (?? 2000, ?)
Live in Tokyo 1982-1983 (Absolute Power, 2003, EU)
Punks Is Hippies (6" Flexi, Russia?)
Detestation CD (Dig Worker, JAP)
M.A.N. CD (Dig Worker, JAP)
Human Condition CD (Dig Worker, JAP)
Gai Individual Social Mean - Subj & Egos, chopped Video (DVD, 2007 USA)

Tracks on bootleg comps
v/ Make War Not Love LP (Hammer Records 1991, Germany)
v/ I Like Violence LP (Hammer Records 1991, Germany)
v/ Killed By Death #6 LP (Redrum 1993, Australia)
v/ The Punx LP (2001)
v/ Hardcore Unlawful Assembly LP (?? 2001, ??)
(There might be more comps, but we haven't been keeping track lately.)

Live Tapes
There's some tapes floating around w/ live stuff varying in quality and duration.



Left to right: GENET (Auto-Mod), Sakevi, Masashi Kitamura (YBO²)

Video of Sakevi of GISM on stage with Japanese no-wave legend Jagatara.


Randy Uchida Myspace

And I' ll be damned if the don't have a Wikkipedia page these days, and ofcourse a page at the luverly Kill from the heart.

Yup and here's a Russian Page that looks pretty intriguing

Guy In Suicide Mission. Decent, but messy page with a lot of interesting pictures etc. For some odd reason the guy who made this page seems to think the photo's on it are his private property, resulting in a seriously annoying URL photoshopped in all of them for "protection". Pff, how the f*ck are you gonna own artwork you stole??!!
UPDATE: woops, guess he killed himself

Metal archives has a pretty random page too, with nothing you dont know yet.

Any questions?

Thanks to a selected incrowd of elitist collectors for info and spiritual guidance (hah). Xtra special thanks to the great Magog of the Downs