It's 2,5 years since the penguin crawled out of the egg and Crème Organization is kinda proud to present the cream of its crop & then some:

Various Artists
You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!

This double CD has lots of out of print stuff, a ton of exclusive new tracks and comes with a bonus DJ TLR Mix-CD. Also available as double vinyl with a selection of the unreleased and exclusive tracks.
I n stores March 2004!

Sleeve Art By Mehdi Rouchiche

What they say:
"Well Worth Investigating" - UNCUT, March 2004
"This great collection provides the perfect introduction to the scene" - i-DJ, March 2004



The Omni Incentive

Legowelt - Into The Storm

Kassen - Walking Breathing

Beta Evers - Confusion

Porn Darsteller - Das Ist Mir Gleich

It & My Computer - Sur Une Cigarette (re-edit)

Lolita Sträp - Product

Keyo Laboratories - On The Sofa

Luke Eargoggle - Kut Me Loose

Pussycat - Pussycat

Orgue Electronique - Suck Seed

Raheem Hershel - Electroclash

Polarius - Apollo Park

Legowelt - Electric Dance

James White - Biaritz Cap Gun (Mr Clavio Edit)

Bangkok Impact - Daily 4 Minutes

Red White Rosé - No One Puts Baby In The Corner

Bangkok Impact - Aus Birgittes Tagebuch



CD-02 Mixed by DJ TLR


Lolita Sträp - My Dance

Spoiler Jugend - Theme from Spoiler Jugend

Bangkok Impact - Junge Dame Remix

Polarius - Nemo Airfield

Polarius - Falling Snow

Catnip - Word to the Bird


Achilles - You are my highscore


Raheem Hershel - Meek Meek Boy


Macho Cat Garage - Nightbirds


Mr Clavio - Tsjupa Tsjupa


Orgue Electronique - Dame Am Steuer


Orgue Electronique - Dis Moi Que Je Reve


Luke Eargoggle - Audio Warriors


Plastic Sleeves - Messages From Machines


Plastic Sleeves - Robosexual


Rude 66 - Nerves of Steel




































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